Here is your opportunity as a past player/supporter to support the Kew Football Club through social membership.




This year we’ve introduced 3 levels of membership as well as the opportunity to sponsor your  favourite player.
You can be a member and support the club for as little as $75.
Membership levels are :
Gold $250
Silver $150
Bronze $75
Player sponsorship $250
This is your opportunity to get behind the club and get one of our very popular beanies thrown in!
EFT is available





Glen Evans:



2016 Supporters and Brutal Bear Members

  • Brian Cullen
  • Gordon Mainsbridge
  • Dr Ralph Newmark
  • David Mainbridge
  • Helen Sleigh
  • John Fisher
  • Ben Woodhouse
  • Ian Paxino
  • Don Mullin
  • Greg Crimmins
  • John Bradley
  • Richard James
  • Michael Peric
  • Terry Hayes
  • John Allman
  • Chris Briggs
  • Anne Henderson
  • David Henderson
  • Paul Brazzale
  • David Pickles
  • Ian Job
  • Matty Jack

2016 Supporters and Legend Members

  • Greg Porte
  • Joe Chessari
  • Phil Woodhouse
  • Peter Thornley